Our patented Odor Eliminating Technology (USPTO) is a 98% water-based solution that eliminates the widest spectrum of odor chemistries on the market today.  It can be applied as a spray or wash to a wide variety of odorous items including:

  • Sports equipment (pads, helmets, mats, ext.)
  • Shoes/boots
  • Litter boxes, pet beds, accident clean-up
  • Garbage cans
  • Laundry
  • Carpets/Furniture
  • Bathrooms 
  • Automobile carpets/seats/liners

This technology wipes out all odors on contact while leaving no cover or trace scent behind!  This product has NO scent at all.  This solution is extremely safe and contains no surfactants, soaps, or VOC’s so skin irritation is a non-issue.  In fact, this formulation has been certified non-toxic having passed the animal 6-pack studies, showing no acute oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity, as well as skin or eye irritation, or skin sensitization.  The effectiveness of this product’s ability to permanently bind to odor chemistry has been proven through 3rd Party Testing using Head-Space-GC/MS. 

This product is currently in a licencing agreement with a leading hunting products company with the first wave of products having hit the shelves in the fall of 2016, so this technology has been thoroughly vetted and proven effective, safe, and cost efficient.  I am currently interested in expanding our lisencing agreements into the many markets that this technology is applicable. 

Some Highlights of this product are:

Efficacy: This product binds to the widest spectrum of odor chemicals as compared to any product on the market today. 

Simplicity: This product only contains 2 ingredients into deionized water and is very cost effective to produce. This is a colorless, scentless formulation.  This product is simple to produce and can be shipped as the two dry starting materials and mixed as needed in space. 

Safety: This product is safe enough to apply directly to your skin as a deodorant! Already Proven non-toxic and safe via animal 6-pack study.
Clean: This product has no smell of its own! Once applied to an odor source it leaves behind no cover/trace scent at all!